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abiebi "Spongeballs Imagination Edition" ART TOY

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abiebi "Spongeballs Imagination Edition" ART TOY アートフィギュア --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spongeballs is back with a dash of colour added! Important : Please read before ordering.  8 inch Limited Edition Vinyl Collectible  This is a preorder with an estimated ship date of Q4 2022. This is an estimate and delays may occur. Please do not order if you are unwilling to accept delays.  Image shown is a render and final figure may vary slightly.  All sales are final and cancellations are not allowed.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- デザイナーabiebiとpobbertoysのコラボシリーズが到着 Balleyes seriesが人気のabiebiより新作がリリースされます スポンジボールズが色彩を加えて帰ってきました 重要 :ご注文の前にお読みください リミテッド・エディション・ビニール・コレクティブル  Size : 8” (約20cm) 素材:ビニール

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